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Communicating with your baby during pregnancy

Communicating with your baby during pregnancy

Your baby will start to bond with you before it is born. From around 16 weeks in the womb your baby will be able to hear mum and will hear other familiar voices from around 20 weeks.

This is a great time for you and your partner or family to bond with the unborn baby.

Talking, singing and reading to your baby, whilst pregnant, starts to build a bond with them. The baby will start to recognise voices and feel safe and secure when they hear you.

NSPCC Look, Say Sing Play

Give you some fun and easy tips to help you bring even more Look, Say, Sing and Play into your daily routine with your baby. Sending you a new tip, tailored to your child's age, each week.

Tiny Happy People

Provides fun development and bonding ideas for you and babies in pregnancy and babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

Building a happy baby

  • you can help your baby’s brain development during pregnancy by talking, reading, stroking and playing music to your baby inside the womb.
  • when you touch your stomach gently babies can reply with a wriggle or give a kick
  • at 20 weeks pregnant, babies can hear your voice and other everyday sounds, including TV theme tunes, music and family fun.  This will help babies to learn the patterns of speech and language. Find out more by watching the "Benefits of Talking to Bump" short video from the BBC.
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