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You said, we did

You said, we did

Find out more about how we have actioned your feedback, comments and suggestions.

2022 feedback

Read the feedback we received from you in 2022 and what we did in response.

Post-16 options on the Local Offer

Families at the last Local Offer Review told us that the post-16 information "didn't mean much."

They told us that headings without descriptions was hard to understand. It needed to be broken down into specific categories. Therefore, we broke up the supported employment and internships page into different headings rather than just naming providers.

We also did the same on the post-16 education options page.

When we spoke to families, they told us this was much easier to read and navigate.

Opportunities event

Feedback from previous years stated that young people want to learn about their post-16 options. In the past we have held an event every year that allows young people to independently explore their post-16 options. During the pandemic an event was held virtually and although the feedback was positive, young people asked us for an in person event.

Therefore we didn't only plan 1 event... we planned 2.

In June, we held an event for young people to again come with schools and explore their options independently.

In October, a drop-in session at Askham Bryan College is being held to allow families to come together, ask questions, meet providers and employers and talk about all things post-16.

Young people and their Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)

Young people were telling us that they wanted to learn about their EHCPs. Some young people were even unsure of what one looked like and couldn't remember what the document looked like.

To give young people an understanding of their plans and to help them take ownership of them, we trialled a young persons EHCP audit. This meant that young people could look through their EHCP and audit them based on 4 areas:

  1. voice
  2. strengths and needs
  3. outcomes
  4. how easy it is to read

The feedback from these sessions were so positive that we are now starting a full year of young person EHCP audits. Working with schools, young people will have the opportunity to look through their plan with a City of York Council staff member and share their feedback.

The feedback gathered will help us develop training for schools and staff and it will help us further on our improvement journey.

Information sessions

As in previous years, families told us they enjoyed the sessions we hosted with different services from the Local Authority and Health Services. These had stopped due to the 'world opening back up,' but families said that online sessions were useful.

Therefore, we have a full timetable of sessions throughout 2022 and you can find information on these sessions on our Eventbrite page by typing in City of York Council.