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School readiness

School readiness

What happens in the first few years of a child’s life can shape their whole life.

Your child has a whole new adventure waiting for them when they begin school. It is an exciting time and you can support your child to be ready for the new challenges and experiences that school will bring so that they are ready to learn, make friends and have a positive school experience.

School readiness means:

  • having strong social skills to make friendships
  • becoming independent with personal care such as dressing and going to the toilet
  • being curious and interested in the world around them
  • being able to cope emotionally with being separated from parents and carers

Find support about going to the toilet. Learning to use the toilet rather than a potty is an important part of growing up. When your child starts school it will help if they can be independent using the toilet. Your child will want to be like their friends and wear underwear rather than pull ups.

Find support around social interaction. This is very important to help your child to be school ready. York Family Information Service will help you with information on local social groups such as stay and play groups or music groups. They will also support you with 3 year funding and available settings like nurseries or childminders. For advice telephone: 01904 555444 or email: [email protected].

Remember that your child is an individual.

If you would like advice or support please contact the Healthy Child Service. We have a team of Health Visitors and Child Development Workers who can help! Telephone: 01904 555475 or email: [email protected].