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Why you should volunteer

Why you should volunteer

There are many good reasons to volunteer – the most important one is because you want to! You may want to:

  • meet new people
  • fill spare time
  • develop or learn new skills
  • gain experience
  • meet a new challenge
  • support a cause you believe in

Volunteering provides you with crucial experience of working with children and young people within the city. Some childcare related qualifications require candidates to have had previous experience working or volunteering for a period of 6 months, prior to commencement on the training course.  Volunteering can also enhance your knowledge and provide a vital understanding of the roles when applying for positions within the childcare workforce.

Volunteering opportunities

There are hundreds of different opportunities in York. Find volunteering opportunities with children. Opportunities are available within Children’s Centres, Out of School Clubs and committees for playgroups and Out of School Clubs.

What you can expect as a volunteer

You can expect:

  • an induction and supervision – you should be given an induction which will inform you all about the volunteering tasks and the organisation. Your role should be made clear to you and you should be happy with the tasks you are set. You will also be given a supervisor within the organisation who you can go to if you need help or support
  • health and safety, and equal treatment – you should not be discriminated against for any reason. You should not be asked to volunteer in unsafe or unhealthy conditions. The organisation should have an up-to-date Equal Opportunities Policy and Health and Safety Policy
  • out of pocket expenses – you should be able to claim genuine out of pocket expenses such as travel and meals. Ask before you start to volunteer
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