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Workforce Development Support

Workforce Development Support

To support the rollout of the Raise York family Hub Network in York we have created The Children’s Workforce Induction Pack.

This pack has been created by partners within the Raise York Family Hub Network as a resource for anyone working with children and families in the city. The pack is designed to provide an initial overview of key useful information and comprises 13 “bitesize” modules which practitioners can access at any time. Each module provides information around the relevant subject area but also includes links to further sources of information and, where appropriate, training opportunities.

This pack is being released as a pilot project initially and will help to underpin the rollout of York’s Family Hub Network in 2024 though the intended audience for the resource is much wider across the whole children and family workforce.

How to use

The Chlidren's Workforce Induction Pack is designed for users to engage with in a way that suits them. Modules are bitesize and may lead to training recommendations and/or further sources of information.
It is recommended that users create a desktop shortcut to the pack so it is readily accessible as a resource in the future.

Evaluation of the pack

To ensure we are providing materials in the pack that are useful, effective and accessible we would ask that users complete a brief evaluation survey after they have worked through the modules within the pack.

Please evaluate the pack as a whole including the bitesize narrative in each section, the recommended training and the links to additional resources and sources of further information.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and can be completed through Survey Monkey.

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